Friday, March 2, 2018

#TarotSpreadTuesday - The Cosmos Within Spread

Hey, lovelies! I hope this week is going excellently for you!

For this spread, I was inspired by my visit to the TENQ planetarium here in Tokyo. There was a special exhibit featuring Sailor Moon that I definitely could not miss! The exhibit was done really well. The curators struck just the right balance between the Sailor Moon stories, the lore associated with the planets, and scientific information about each of the planets. Indeed, the latter two had a great impact on the details of the Sailor Moon universe.

As much as I enjoyed Sailor Moon there, I also had a blast in the rest of the planetarium. There were a lot of interactive exhibits, such as a mock-up Mars surface to stand on, and games, like a test to match your personality with one of the space satellite missions. On the walls and "play" areas, hypothetical questions and possible answers about the universe were written. It was just so inspiring!

And it all got me thinking about the universe and our place within it. I thought about humanity and what we're capable of--space travel being just a scratch on the surface of our potential.

Then, I inverted the question of our place in the universe: what about the universe inside us? So much goes on within us--some conscious, some not. Understanding the depths of our being is one step on the journey to unlocking our potential. It doesn't matter where on the journey this happens so long as you're willing to engage with your Self and learn from the wisdom it has to offer.

So let's explore that wondrous, magnificent, expanding cosmos within!

The Cosmos Within Spread

Spread Positions

  1. Earth. What grounds you? Where is your center?
  2. Sun. How do you shine? Ego.
  3. Moon. What are your needs? Unconscious.
  4. Planets. How do you move and transform?
  5. Stars. Your unique hopes and dreams.
    1. (a) What you have.
    2. (b) What you need.
    3. (c) How you get there.
  6. Galaxy. The culmination of your efforts to realize your dreams.
  7. Universe. How all the aspects of your Self can make you a more complete individual.

I sincerely hope you have a grand adventure through the magical space of your Self! You are the spaceship, the journey, and the destination all rolled up in one. I'm sure there's a TON to discover about the cosmic energies inside, and it will be quite the trip, I'm sure. No matter what, enjoy the ride!


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