Thursday, February 1, 2018

What's In My Bag? February 2018

Welcome to "What's In My Bag," your behind-the-scenes glimpse into what I get up to each month.

Inside my vintage leather satchel (I've nicknamed it my "PhD satchel" because I totally look like a proper grad student with it), I carry books that I'm reading, tarot decks I plan to use on-the-go, and anything else that I think I'll need on a daily basis.

Let's take a look!

Something of an eclectic selection, I suppose!

(From left to right)

"Time-Space Traveler" Magazine. This magazine is a monthly digest with different subjects (and thus different names) each month. This time, it happens to be about all different forms of divination throughout the world!

The magazine focuses not only on what forms of divination there are but also the history of those divination systems. Besides tarot, divination systems such as rune-reading, palmistry (both Western and Eastern), prophetic dreams, Feng Sui, aura reading, and MUCH more are described to a degree of depth that readers can get a pretty good idea of what's going on and how to get into it.

I found this completely by chance today at the convenience store where I always buy bottled water for spin class. The tarot cards on the front drew my attention straight away, and before I knew it, the magazine ended up in my bag (after I paid for it, of course)!

Medieval Scapini Tarot. This is a tarot I got in a trade back in December but haven't had the time to really use as much as I wanted to.

A cross between the Visconti-Sforza (in terms of visual style) and RWS (in terms of scenic Minors), this deck is really appealing and easy to read with. I'm looking forward to working with it more this month!

Polka Dot Reusable Bag. I never leave home without at least one of these foldable bags in my bag. (Bag-ception!) Besides groceries, I carry any and all purchases that don't fit neatly into my satchel in it.

Schedule Book/Diary. I can't gush enough about how much I love my "Alice in Wonderland" schedule book/diary! I can keep track of everything I need to do on a monthly and weekly level, and I have pages to write on, draw on, collage on, and (my favorite) scrapbook on.

I like to use washi tape to affix movie ticket stubs and cards onto the blank page across from each weekly schedule page. And I journal all of my new moon and full moon tarot readings in it.

Wallet. (The red thing at the bottom-ish.) Well, this is quite clearly a staple in my satchel because... everything. I need my ID cards, railway pass, cash/credit cards, etc. I've also got a lot of point-cards in there, so I get freebies for shopping!

"The Art of Chart Interpretation" by Tracy Marks. This is quite simply the best astrology book I can recommend to anyone. While it is an advanced book, foregoing the meanings and interpretations of the planets, signs, and houses (the author assumes one already knows those well enough before picking up the book), the true strength of "The Art of Chart Interpretation" lies in the author's ability to cogently and accessibly describe larger patterns the astrology practitioner should look for, as well as their interpretations, in order to synthesize the chart as a whole.

Marks states up front that it's all too easy to get bogged down in the minute details of a natal chart, and this book seeks to guide readers to look for significant and stand-out patterns that are important to the sitter/client and his/her personality, goals, and personal power.

Morgan-Greer Tarot in a Tin. I just love that this deck is in a tin. Because it is so well protected, this deck survived a MASSIVE typhoon that I got stuck in for two days... outside. (My other deck wasn't so lucky. RIP.)

I whip this out when a friend wants some tarot advice, when a stranger wants tarot advice, when I want tarot advice... you get where this is going. I've read with this deck in bars, hot springs, movie theaters, railway stations, and all manner of places in between.

It's a deck I'm comfortable reading with because the imagery is basically a stylized RWS, which is a deck I'm intimately familiar with. I don't mind the bright colors and I really like that the deck is borderless. Plus, it's a great travel size!


I hope this has been a fun foray into my world! Come back next month to see what's changed and what I'm still working with!

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