Monday, February 19, 2018

#TarotSpreadTuesday Valentine's Day Edition

A few days late to the blog, but oh well! It's been on Instagram since Tuesday, so I don't feel like I'm cheating too badly.

Anyway! Valentine's Day. Love Day. Love Yourself Day. It's all one big, warm heart, wrapped in fuzzy blankets and a hug.

For this week, we've got a tarot spread double-feature. One spread is for examining a partnership (of any kind, not just romantic), and the other is a self-love spread. On Valentine's Day, we often think of showing our affection for others, and that's great. We should do that. But just as much so, we need to show ourselves love, too. In doing so, we naturally gain a greater ability to connect with others.

Valentine's Day: Relationship Spread

While this spread works wonderfully for romantic relationships, it can also be used to assess friendships, interpersonal relationships in the workplace, familial relationships, etc.

If you don't have a romantic partner *cough*likeme*cough*, don't get down or feel that you can't use this spread. There are lots of fun ways to use it!

Spread Positions

  1. Foundation of the relationship.
  2. Past. Something to let go of.
  3. What the relationship needs now.
  4. Future. Something to bring into the relationship.
  5. Your strengths as a partner.
  6. Your weaknesses as a partner.
  7. What you can teach your partner.
  8. Your partner's strengths as a partner.
  9. Your partner's weaknesses as a partner.
  10. What your partner can teach you.

Valentine's Day: Self-Love-Me Spread

This spread is for anyone at any stage in his/her life because we are all on our own self-love journeys. This spread is meant to help identify our relationship with self-love as a concept, our practice of it, and our expression of it in relation to others.

Self-love is about showing kindness to yourself. We often are so busy dealing with exterior issues, people, problems, work, etc. that we don't take the time to focus on our own needs and how to deal with those needs in a way that is positive, constructive, and generous to our spirits. There are so many toxic pressures in the world (e.g., comparison to others, negative self-talk, not believing we can do certain things, etc.), but we need to realize that we can break these negative habits. We can and should turn inward the love and grace we so often show to others.

Self-love is about forgiving yourself, accepting yourself, and acknowledging the bitter, fantastic journey that has gotten you to this point right now.

Spread Positions

  1. Self-Love Shadow. Why it's difficult (in your mind) to love yourself.
  2. Why you need to love yourself.
  3. What can help you love yourself.
  4. Practice Self-Love in Mind.
  5. Practice Self-Love in Body.
  6. Practice Self-Love in Spirit.
  7. How loving yourself helps others.
  8. How loving yourself will help you understand others better.
  9. What you can achieve in the world if you love yourself right *now*.

It is my sincere hope that these spreads inspire you to explore your relationships with yourself and with others.


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