Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tarot Spread Tuesday: Tools of Manifestation

An intention requires certain resources and/or abilities in order to become manifested in reality. Depending on the intention and desired result/goal, these resources/abilities can vary greatly.

Today, I want to focus on a simple spread to look at the tools that will be necessary for you to prepare so that you can work toward and manifest what you want.  Ultimately, we are looking at how we can facilitate manifestation.

The spread is based on the four elements with the correspondences as follows:  
  • fire - creativity, passion
  • water - emotions, inter-personal relationships
  • air - intelligence, mental faculties
  • earth - money, physical labor, material resources.

Using these as a guideline, we can see what we need to do or get ready for in each of these areas to make the process of developing our intentions easier.

Alright!  Here we go!


Tarot, elements, manifestation... this is where the magick is!

Feel free to choose a Significator for your intention (and what you want to manifest) beforehand and set it in the middle if you want.  It's not necessary, though.  It would serve to remind you of what you are trying to achieve and might help give some context for the cards in each position.

  1. Creativity (fire).  How can my creative passions serve my intention?  Where can I be more creative as I work to manifest my intention?
  2. Emotion (water).  How can I prepare myself emotionally for the journey of manifestation?  What emotions can I harness to help me manifest my intention?
  3. Intelligence (air).  How can I use my mind to manifest my intention?  What thoughts should I foster to help me manifest my intention?
  4. Physicality (earth).  What physical or material resources to I need to prepare?  What resources should I use to help me manifest my intention?

Because of the elemental correspondences, it might be a good idea to pay attention to elemental dignities.

Not sure of what elemental dignities are or how to use them?  I got ya covered!

This is a video I made that discusses the basics of elemental dignities.  It's not extensive by any means, but it should be a good place to start experimenting from.

So!  Try to see how the reading changes if you find that friendly or unfriendly elements occupy positions in each other.  I reckon you're reading will get 100 times more nuanced and interesting! 


Normally, I'd show a photo of the spread in action, but I've got some major work to do on my Thesis, so I hope you'll forgive me for omitting it this week.

Still, please do give the spread a try.  I hope it serves you well!


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