Friday, May 26, 2017

Tarot Spread Tuesday (Thursday): Manifesting Abundance Spread

My sincerest apologies for posting late.  I came down with a terrible cold and had zero energy to even get out of bed.  But Tarot Spread Tuesday is here... on Thursday!

This week, I wanted to make a manifestation spread that was a little more concrete.  I wanted to actually manifest something rather than just think about manifestation in the abstract.

I chose to make a spread on abundance because anything can come to us in abundance, depending on our specific intentions.  Love, money, health, safety, etc.  I didn't want to pigeon-hole the spread into a specific topic or intention.  You always contain the power to create and change, and it's not my place to interfere with that.

As you shuffle and cut, it will certainly be helpful to focus and meditate on exactly what you want to have in abundance.  And while it might be tempting to plan out exactly how you want abundance to come to you, the universe/spirit/what-have-you might have other plans, so keep an open mind.

Welp!  Here's what I've come up with!

What do you want to manifest in overflow?

So the positions:

Best way to manifest my intention.  This is the course of action that can bring you into the flow so you can manifest abundance in the most efficient way possible.
Synchronicities to look for.  As our intention and actions align to greater plans, things just seem to go right for us.  This synchronicity is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of and to see that we are indeed on the right path.
Something to keep in mind; Overall advice.  It's always important to keep something in mind as we work toward manifesting abundance.  This card is meant to address that -- to encourage us, to warn us.

I think some of the most powerful spreads are the simplest, and I hope this one can be of service to you.


So what does this spread look like with real cards?

Vintage Aquarian Tarot (Copyright Morgan Press)

Ah, the Aquarian Tarot!  It's quickly becoming a favorite!

Again, these are just random cards for illustration purposes, not intended as anyone's personal reading.

The Queen of Cups suggests that we either tap into our more emotionally aware (or psychic) side or turn to someone who possesses those qualities.  This personality can help to bring the intended abundance into our (the hypothetical querent's) life.

A synchronicity to look out for is a message or messenger who brings inspired creativity and ignites our passions.  When this Page of Rods (Wands) personality comes into our life, we know we're on the right track to manifesting our intention.

Something to remember on our manifestation journey is to keep an open mind and come at both conflict and confluence with fresh eyes, without preconceived notions.  This might also point to abundance coming to us in a way we didn't think it would.

What other interpretations do you have of these cards?  How would you read this spread?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!


Please let me know if this spread has helped you and/or inspired you in some way.  I'm always thrilled to see how others have used these spreads!


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