Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tarot Spread Tuesday: Make Manifest Spread

Tarot Spread Tuesday:  Make Manifest Spread

In May, we see so many flowers blossoming and trees and bushes bursting with verdant life everywhere.  This might be the result of the efforts someone has put into them or the result of nature’s spontaneity.  Regardless, it’s an inspiring season to plant and grow your own intentions.

With the Make Manifest Spread, I hope to create a general overview of what is needed to make your intentions grow into lush, vital manifestations.  Think of this spread as a jumping-off point for exploring your dreams and the lengths you’re willing to go to realize them on a physical and/or spiritual plane. 

I’m planning tarot spreads to go further into the processes of manifesting intention during what I’m calling “Manifestation May” (I can’t resist alliteration!), so stay tuned.

But for now, I present to you the Make Manifest Spread!

Let's manifest something great!

Seed.   Your intention.  You can select this card yourself or choose randomly to see what the universe wants you to focus on.
Stem.  How you can manifest it.  This is the methods/processes that will be the most effective or most spiritually rewarding as you work to manifest your intention.
Bloom.  A possible result of your efforts.  This is what can possibly happen depending on how much you work toward realizing and manifesting your intention.


Normally, I show the spread in action, but I will have to update this post later with that image and short analysis.  I’m currently not in a place where I can photograph my cards nicely.  Thanks for your understanding!


I hope this spread proves useful to you.  If you use it and want to share, make sure to use the hashtag!  I would love to see how everyone responds to it!


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