Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tarot Spread Tuesday: Change Through Manifestation

Manifestation is a slippery word that is sometimes overused in the spiritual community.  With May's theme being "Manifestation," I feel it's high time I defined, at least for myself, precisely what I mean by this term.

For me, manifestation is the act of creating into reality that which is yet abstract, especially as the result of work and effort.  In many ways, it's the desired outcome or goal that we work toward.  To me, manifestation isn't the "answer" to a wish; it's the end we actively and intentionally seek.

As such, the process of manifestation can be one of profound change within ourselves -- because sometimes, we need to change our habits or the way we think in order to achieve a goal or create something completely new.

This spread is meant to help with that.

By understanding manifestation as an opportunity to renew and/or change ourselves on various levels, we can better prepare for the process and be ready to accept the challenges and thrills ahead of us.

I should note, this spread also deals with "intention," which I use to refer to the sacred goals we set and work towards putting into physical reality.

When you shuffle your deck in preparation for this spread, please hold your intention firmly in your mind.  This is the intention that the cards will be read for.

Okay, okay!  Enough talk.  Let's get to the Change Through Manifestation Spread!

I took the photo during cherry blossom season!

  1. How you can best approach manifesting this intention.  How you can best prepare yourself for the effort and journey ahead.
  2. What can help you manifest this intention.  This quality will make it easier for you to manifest your intention.  You might already possess this quality or you may have to develop it over time.  Either way, proper emphasis on it will make your job a whole lot easier!
  3. What to be wary of as you manifest this intention.  This could be something or someone that could possibly stand in the way of your goal or cause problems.  There might be a tendency to put effort in the wrong places or neglect the work altogether.  Take notice of this so you can avoid falling victim to it.
  4. Overall change you can experience by undergoing this process of manifestation.  This is how you might actually change, not the actual result of manifestation.  Focus on the progress you can make within yourself and the progress in reality will naturally follow.

A little extra explanation, but I thought it would help elucidate exactly what I meant for each position of the spread.


And here we have the spread in action!

The Linestrider Tarot

Ah, I just love the Linestrider!  It's so deliciously beautiful and straightforward.

In this hypothetical reading, it would be a good idea to start the journey of manifestation on firm footing.  Make sure your accounts are in order and have enough (energy, money, physical stamina, etc.) stocked up to complete the process.

Having a good vantage point to make the important decisions will come in handy.  Don't underestimate the power of your gut reaction.

Something to be aware of is that sudden, earth-shattering calamity could possibly derail your intention or your ability to manifest it in reality.  Luckily, you know about it now, so you can take precautions early!

Manifestation, this time, can result in your mastery of your physical and/or material world.  We can notice how the personal beginning preparation and end result of the journey are both in the suit of Pentacles.  This tells us that the actual process of manifesting your intention very likely will result in a change in how you use physical/material resources and/or understand the physical world.

Not such a bad outlook!


I hope this spread encourages you to look within yourself and notice the changes inside you as you work to manifest your intentions.

Manifestation is a sacred journey.  I hope you enjoy every step of it!


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