Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tarot Spread Tuesday: Me and My Goals Spread

Now that we've looked at our decks, our Self, and others, it's time we introduce ourselves to our dreams and goals.

Some of us know our goals or have a fairly clear idea of what we want out of life.  Others of us aren't so sure.  Either way, we can all do with a little guidance as we chase our dreams.

I say we're "introducing" ourselves to these dreams not because we're necessarily meeting them for the first time, but rather because we're looking at them from a new, more holistic perspective.  With this spread, I'm aiming to situate ourselves and our power within the scope of the goals we already have or new ones that we can see on the horizon.

It is my hope that this spread sheds light where there is darkness or confusion and inspires where there is fatigue.

So let's see what this is all about!

Where will your journey take you?

The main ideas of diagram are rather self-explanatory, but I still think there are some important points to make about each position.

  1. My situation.  This represents you in present.  If the card is from the Minor Arcana, paying attention to the Suit can help you see what area in life you can focus on for the reading.
  2. What brings me up.  This is your inspiration, what lifts your spirits.  This is what you can rely on to help you throughout all of your journeys.
  3. What pulls me down.  The complement to the previous card, this is what can trip you up or cause you to stumble.  It's something to be aware of because it can affect how you travel through life.
  4. Where I want to go.  This is your current goal or something that, if you aimed for it, will bring you closer to your larger dream.
  5. An obstacle to that.  This is what can get in the way of that particular goal.  Unlike Card 3 (what pulls me down), this is an obstacle specific to the goal in Card 4 (where I want to go).  Card 3 is a larger psychological hang-up that can affect us no matter the goal or situation.
  6. How to overcome that obstacle.  This could be an energy, skill, person, etc. that can help you get past the problems of Card 5 (an obstacle).

In general, it would be good to look out for people (Court cards) in the spread who might help or hinder you.  These personas could be within yourself or found in others, so definitely check in with yourself first before looking to others.

Also, paying mind to Suits can give lots of clues for cards in any position.

Also, Cards 2 and 3 are grander aspects of your Self what will affect your journey.  They will have an influence on how you reach the goal of Card 4, but even more than that, they can always have some sort of bearing on how you approach your larger dreams for life.  These are aspects of your Self to be aware of for inspiration or caution.


So here's what the spread looks like when it's all laid out.

Morgan-Greer Tarot. Copyright of US Games.

As you can see, the spread can show quite a lot of information!

The pretend querent is starting off in a pretty good place -- the Ten of Cups -- and feels s/he has both emotions and relationships fulfilled. Still, this querent is moving from the emotional realm to the intellectual/mental, as shown in the King of Swords. That is his/her immediate goal.

There are definitely a lot of people (or similar energies) in this example reading. Kingly energy is both a destination and a way of getting around the obstacle, which could be a dogmatic person or just limiting beliefs in general.

The Six of Pentacles could represent inspiration and motivation that stems from a sense of fairness or paying it forward. On the other hand, iy looks like the feeling of too many choices (some of which are illusory) can be a habitual stumbling stone for this hypothetical person.


I truly hope you enjoy this spread and find it useful on your journeys.


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