Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tarot Spread Tuesday: Hello, You! Spread

So far, we've had introductions to our decks and to our Self.  So it naturally follows that we should have an introduction to others.

While it's all-too-tempting to create a spread that probes another person's innermost workings, I don't read for about someone who isn't present for the reading.  It just feels like a really strange invasion of privacy.  (And think about if someone tried to do a reading on you while you weren't there!)

So instead, I've devised a way to learn about someone while maintaining the focus on you (or the querent).  With this spread, I want to emphasize the relationship you can have with this person.  This way, you can get a sense of what kind of person s/he is and still learn what you can do in the situation.

Now, without any further ado, I present the Hello, You! Spread!

My photo-editing skillz are getting better!
As you can see, the spread is very simple - just three positions!  Still, the questions each position answers are very powerful.

  1. Something to understand about this person.
  2. How to best interact with this person.
  3. What this person can teach you.  

The first card can help you empathize with the other person's position.  This can ultimately lead to better communication and a more healthy relationship.

The second card can  reveal a way to interact (or not!) with this person so that the both of you can stay sane.

And the last card brings the most important message of all.  Everyone in our lives is there for a reason, and everyone in our lives is a teacher.  Sometimes the lesson is easy; sometimes it's tough.  But we have to pay attention to other people and what they can teach us in order to grow.


Now let's see what the spread looks like with actual cards!

The Linestrider Tarot


It looks like this hypothetical person is in the midst of making a decision, so it would be best to tread carefully. Let them do some work and then take on some work yourself, splitting the load. Ultumately, this person can bring you back to your fondest memories and teach you the importance of keeping a youthful, innocent view of life.


I truly hope you find this spread useful and that it becomes a handy tool in your tarot toolkit!


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