Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Introducing: Tarot Spread Tuesdays!

Well, it's been a while, eh?  Some family has come to visit, and my flat isn't big enough to accommodate them and my work/hobbies.  And I simply didn't have the time to entertain them properly as well as attend to business.  So I've had to hang back on my blog posts for a little bit.

BUT!  Because I've not been able to write or do much work, I realized how much I miss it and want to work on this little blog I've got going.  With all of my "do work" time changed to "think about work" time, I came up with a fun way to create consistent and helpful content.

I call it Tarot Spread Tuesday!

Okay.  Sure, it's definitely not a new concept to create a new tarot spread every week, but I have some ideas that might make the whole thing more interesting.  Especially on Tuesday, when the weight of the week begins in earnest.

First, I'm going to have monthly themes!  These topics will range from world culture spotlights to pop culture to literature, science, and more.  There will also be themes that focus on psycho-spiritual development and self-help, as well as themes inspired by the tarot/tarot decks.  Some topics may be very general, while others may be very specific.  I'll try to keep a good balance between heavy themes and light themes because I know all too well that we can use some levity in our lives!

Secondly, I'll write a brief summary of what inspired each spread in addition to the card position explanations.  I hope that this will provide some insight into my thought process and help you understand the intention of the spread, which could be particularly useful if you want to change things around and rework the spread to suit your own needs.

Finally, I'll include a photo of the spread "in action."  A full reading with the spread could become too intricate and time-consuming, but seeing actual cards in the positions will both allow you to form your own interpretation and get a sense of how the spread can work for you!

Each Tuesday of the month, I will post an original tarot (or oracle) spread based on the theme.  I hope you will join me and try them out!

The theme for April is "Introductions!"


Blessings and happy tarot-ing!

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