Saturday, February 25, 2017

Joshi no Sekku: Third Day of the Third Month Reading

It's that magical time of year when winter finally seems to be melting away to spring.

Most of my witchy and pagan pals are preparing for Ostara (yes, it's still a little ways away), but I've always felt myself more drawn to the Eastern side of things... mostly the Rising Sun side of things.  It may have to do with my research in Japanese Studies ;)

Anyway, there is a major day coming up in Japan.  One of the seasonal festivals is about to begin!  On March 3rd (technically the third day of the third month by the ancient lunar calendar), Joshi no Sekku is held.

And I'm offering a special reading for those who are interested in connecting with the energies of the day!

But what are those energies, you ask?  Well, let's take a look at the traditions of Joshi no Sekku.

Joshi no Sekku:
  • The First Snake Day of the Third Month
  •   Season:  Spring
  • Aka:  The Peach Festival;  The Doll Festival
  • From ancient times, court nobles played a drinking game in which they had to compose a poem before a cup that had been placed upstream of them floated down to where they were sitting
    • if they managed to do this, they could drink the rice wine in the cup, refill it, and place it upstream for the next person
    • the game was called Kyoku-sui no En and was originally played in China

  • In the Heian Period (894-1185), special ablutions and exorcisms were performed on the banks of rivers
  • This day became a day or prayers for and celebrations of young girls, called Hina-matsuri (The Doll Festival), during which people display dolls of the Imperial Court
    • The Emperor and Empress
    • Court musicians
    • Courtiers
    • Very decorative and brilliant to see

We're working with quite a lot of energies here, but the ones that I feel most strongly living in Japan and feeling the vibes of those around me are energies of the innocence of childhood and the openness toward spiritual awakening that we innately possess.  It's a time of celebration and the adoration of children, especially little girls.  Personally, I find it an excellent time to work with the Inner Child archetype, to learn from and exalt the youth that still lives inside each of us.

And so that's what the reading focuses on!  If you're ready to learn about the divinity of your Inner Child, please do check out my Services page.


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