Monday, January 2, 2017

Year Ahead Spread

A beloved tradition in the tarot community is definitely the Year Ahead Spread.

By drawing a card for each month and one for the overall theme of the year, we not only get a sense of what could be in store for us in the upcoming year, but also can better understand and focus on certain energies and ideas for each month.  The Theme Card ties all of the Month Cards together around a locus of spiritual concentration.

Now, without further ado, my Year Ahead Spread for 2017.

The Circle of Liiiiiiiiiife!

January:  Two of Wands
February:  Eight of Pentacles
March:  The Star
April:  Five of Pentacles
May:  Six of Pentacles
June:  The Magician
July:  Wheel of Fortune
August:  The Moon
September:  The Emperor
October:  Nine of Wands
November:  Four of Wands
December:  The Hermit

Theme:  Knight of Swords


Alright, so what does this all mean?

First, I really want to emphasize that this is NOT a prediction.  I don't and shouldn't expect a random bout of poverty in April (5 of Pents).  I should, however, be prepared to engage with the energy of feeling impoverished and confronting thoughts about what relationships in the physical/material world are important.

Still, I know that April is a tough month to get through because previous years have taught me that the start of the new financial year does have an impact on my personal finances.  I can prepare for this ahead of time and then concentrate on the spiritual relationship I have with money and wealth (or lack thereof) during the month.

Now, what's interesting about my Year Ahead is how many personal cards appear in it, especially in key places.

First, the Magician, my Soul Card, appears in my birth month of June.  This will be an exciting and intensely profound time for me as I encounter and assess what my soul's purpose may be.

Makin' Magick!

The Magician of the tarot is represented by Mercury, which is also the ruler of planetary Gemini.  The double-dose of Mercury energy suggests a realization and/or development of communication skills, adeptness and agility (especially with language), intellectual acquisition through study and practice, a realization and/or development of the sheer power of words and how they relate to manifestation, etc.  And from focusing on this energy, especially during my birth month when it seems to be most potent, I may get a glimpse into the purpose of my soul.  Yeah... that's how intense 2017 is going to be.

Next, my Birth Card, the Wheel of Fortune, appears the following month, in July.  Yeah, if one of my numerological cards showing up during the year wasn't enough, a second pops up -- and immediately afterward, at that!

The Wheel in the Skyyy Keeps on Tuuuurnin'~

In July, I can expect the theme of fate, action-reaction, randomness, and unpredictability to be strong.  And from all of that, I might be able to comprehend what my life's purpose is.  Precisely because my Birth Card comes just on the heels of my Soul Card, I might be able to really grasp and come to terms with what my life is supposed to mean.  I might just have the perspective to accept the things that happen to me and really comprehend what's going on at a cosmic level.

The search for knowledge leads you to the most uncanny of places

Then, my Year Card for 2017, the Hermit, ends the year with a strong reminder of what I'm supposed to learn from the previous twelve months, as well as what I can take with me going into the following year.  (As a scholar, the Hermit in December is a comforting and potent symbol and archetype of my chosen profession, my goals, and my purpose.)

Finally, the Knight of Swords, one of my typical Significators, is my Theme Card.


It will be interesting to see how and what I can learn from interacting with and harnessing this aspect of my personality throughout the entirety of 2017.  The Knight of Swords is the swiftest knight.  He rushes into battle or to another place confident in his mission; he does not hesitate.  The Knight of Swords is quick on the uptake and rather intelligent (if still immature).  However, he can be fickle and unreliable when not engaged or presented with "a cause to fight for."  He can also have a pretty short temper.  Swift to anger, you could say.

The remainder of the cards, particularly those of the Minor Arcana, are monthly themes that I actually could expect from their respective months.  The extra focus on them through the tarot, though, will allow for a spiritual contemplation of them and how I can better interact with those energies.



In all, 2017 looks like it will be a year for resounding personal development.  While there are many cards occupying positions that I would expect in certain months, the highly personal Major Arcana and Knight really point toward a new depth of understanding and appreciation of my Self and what I'm meant to do on this planet.

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