Thursday, January 12, 2017

Tarot Spread: Full Moon in Cancer

The Zodiac sign of Cancer is rich in emotional and familial insight.  With the full moon (the Moon being the ruling Celestial of Cancer) entering the sign this week, we have the magnificent chance to deeply understand our own emotional growth as well as our close relationships.

First, a couple of notes that guided my thinking while I developed this spread:

On the astrological interpretations:
  • Cancer is emotion-based and family-focused
  • Cancer is protective of the Self and the family; over-protectiveness can stunt emotional expansion
  • The 4th House (ruled by Cancer) is the House of family, ancestors, and one's roots; it's where one feels "at home" and refers to one's private life
  • The Moon rules Cancer (double Moon energy!!)
  • Moon is about instinct, emotions, needs, the unconscious, rhythms, and habits necessary for feeling secure
  • The Full Moon is the pinnacle of lunar energy
  • Full Moon is often a good time for manifestation and utilizing the maximum of that lunar energy

On the interaction of cards:
  • There is a dual movement to Cancer:  moving outward from the interior while simultaneously moving the exterior inward
  • The "interior/internal" can refer to one's personal emotions and feelings
  • The "exterior/external" can refer to family, very close relationships, one's immediate personal environment

Okay!  Here we go!

If I had a better program than MS Paint, I'd use it...

Details for Positions of Cards:

  1. Inner feelings.  What emotions am I feeling, grappling with, and/or reacting against?  (Core of the interior.)
  2. Attitude toward Self.  How am I feeling about myself and my feelings?  (Moving toward externalization of interior emotions through dissociation.)
  3. Ways to expand my feelings and emotional understanding.  What is the best way for me to broaden my feelings?  How can I grow my emotional understanding?  (Continuing to move internal emotions outward.)
  4. How to manifest emotions in the most positive way.  What can I do to realize the emotional changes I need?  How can I act to make a better environment for myself and others?  (How the Full Moon energy can help the process.)
  5. Effect(s) of emotional manifestation(s) on family and/or personal environment.  What is the potential outcome of manifesting my emotions outside of myself, in relation to my immediate personal environment?  What changes can occur in my family and/or personal relationships if I act with greater emotional understanding and/or empathy?  (Full externalization of the interior.)
  6. Family environment.  What is my family life like right now?  What are my close personal relationships like right now?  (Core of the external.)
  7. Family's attitude toward me.  What is important to know about what my family/close personal relationships thinks of me?  What can I learn from how my family/close personal relationships feel toward me?  (Moving toward internalization of external emotions through association.)
  8. Benefit of understanding these emotions of others.  Why is acknowledging those feelings helpful?  What will I come to understand if I can touch the feelings of those around me?  (Continuing to move external emotions inward.)
  9. How to best internalize external attitudes.  What can I do to understand and accept the emotions of those who are close to me?  (How the Full Moon energy can help with this process.)
  10. Internal effect(s) of the external emotional environment.  What is the potential outcome of imbibing my emotional environment?  What changes can occur in myself if I better understand the emotional need of my family/close relations?  (Full internalization of the external.)

I designed the spread to effect massive change through understanding the Self and its relation to others.  Cancer is focused on both one's own emotions and those of one's family (or close personal relations), so I wanted to reflect in the spread the processes by which we can understand, acknowledge, and realize our own emotional state while also understanding, acknowledging, and realizing the effects of our environment on us.

Here's a simple breakdown:
  • Cards 1--5 focus on manifesting the internal Self in the external world/environment/people.
  • Cards 6--10 focus on understanding and empathizing with the external world/environment/people within the internal Self.
  • Cards 4 and 9 both seek the Full Moon energy to guide and facilitate the processes.

Alright!  Ready?  Let's manifest something great!

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