Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2017!  I've been waiting!

2017 is very much a new beginning for me.  I am hereby announcing the launch of Cards and Cups as my home base for professional tarot readings, with more to come!

While this is an exciting adventure, I know it will certainly be a tough road.  The tarot reading industry, especially online, is a hard nut to crack simply because there are so many readers out there.  Still, I'm dedicated to helping those who need advice and/or clarity and to holding space for those who feel like they have no where else to turn.

We have all felt the pain, isolation, and general confusion of everyday life.  I know I have, anyway.  Thankfully, I have the Hermit for my Tarot Card of the Year and (the absurd) HERO for my Word of the Year.

With these two archetypes, ideas, and inspirations as my guides, I hope to bring you all the wisdom and witticism of the tarot cards... served with a steaming cup of tea (or coffee!).



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