Friday, February 5, 2016

Frenzied February: Riffs from a Coffee-Fueled, Self Lovin' Shadow Worker

It's been a few days since I've hit the blog scene, but I've not been absent from the inter-web entirely.  I've been passionately working on two long-overdue undertakings for my self care.

One thing I've been up to has been 29 Shadows, the fantastic heart-child of Kelly-Ann Maddox.  There aren't enough words to express how much I love this woman and how much she has inspired me in various ways.

At the end of last year after a few Tarot readings from others, I realized I absolutely needed to work on some aspects of my Shadow. So I was thrilled to learn that Kelly-Ann was offering a month-long program of shadow work.

After weeks of anticipation, 29 Shadows finally launched, and I've been thrilled with what I've discovered so far.  I mean, it's just awesome to be able to create a more cohesive version of myself, no matter how fucking painful the shadow work process actually can be.

All those little things that you only just kinda realize before quickly stuffing them back into the depths of the closest... you just have to face them.  The ugly, painful, shameful memories.  Yeah, it hurts.  But as a result of that pain, you ready your heart for healing and your consciousness for awareness of those shadow tendencies.

Anyways, it's still only been a few days into the 29 Shadows, but I'm so excited with it and ready to continue - even if it means slogging through psychological shit every night.  Plus, what I'm finding in my shadow work process is opening pathways for future shadow work, should I ever wish to examine the certain things that make me tick.

Thankfully, I'm also participating in the Tarot Self Love Challenge, hosted by @ethony and @mysticmoons_tarot over on Instagram. Get ready for some pic love!

day 1: build a fucking sky-castle!

The Self Love Challenge is giving me the impetus for some epic art journaling, shifting my view toward one that is kinder to myself, and juicy contemplations and realizations about my relationship with myself.

day 2: the first step to treasure hunting is to look in the mirror

In a way, it's a good complement to the 29 Shadows.  The shadow work leaves me raw and emotionally drained, while the Self Love Challenge tends to my wounds and fills me back up.

day 4: the hot guy shows up *drool*

It might be a little ambitious to be working on two very involved psychological processes simultaneously, but the timing for them is just right.  I don't have school during February, and March is already getting pretty busy.  I couldn't and didn't want to put off this work any longer, anyways.  I was called to work on my Shadow and on my relationship with my Self, so I am going to do it!

So that's been just a little update about what I've been doing lately.  Feel free to follow me on Instagram to check out how I do throughout February! Search for me with @madhatter00o

Go on in love!  :D

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