Saturday, January 23, 2016

Tea Time 1: Not-So-Early Earl Grey

I woke up a bit late today; I've been feeling a creeping exhaustion in spite of less school work.  (In Japan, the school year goes from April to March, with classes ending in late January.)

Once I picked myself up out of my futon, I decided I needed and had time for a "proper" cup of tea - NO teabags allowed!  So I put on the kettle and opened my china cabinet to find the right cup.  I'd been thinking about using a particular tea set because it reminded me of the Ace of Cups, but the bowl of it is a tad small and I definitely wanted a larger cup.

I carefully took up one of my Noritake sets.  I have a particular fondness of the set because it appears in a movie I like.  I also took out my Alice in Wonderland French press, which I bought at Disneyland back home.  My mom had been kind enough to send it to me recently.  <3 you Mom!

As the kettle came to a boil, I spooned in my loose-leaf Earl Grey, which my best friend gave to me for Christmas when I recently visited her in England.  This ended up being a very nostalgic and connective tea time, indeed!

I poured in the water, waited a few minutes, and pressed the plunger to finish the extraction.  And I was ready to go!

if you look carefully, you can see the silhouette of Alice on the carafe

I've got a decently busy weekend ahead of me, but it's so nice - and necessary! - to carve out some time just for myself.


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