Saturday, January 30, 2016

My First Attempt at Edging a Deck

So, I have been spending a decent amount of time on the inter-web, researching and generally ogling Tarot decks.  One of the things that I came across was at-home edge-inking.

The black-, blue-, and green-inked sides of Tarot decks are so indescribably elegant that I had to try it myself.  Plus!  I've been working with a deck that was just screaming to have its edges blackened.

it started out so innocent, so promising...

I ran out to the art store and picked up black stamping ink.  (And I couldn't help but indulge my Inner Child by purchasing a set of constellation stationery.)

While I didn't watch any of the myriad how-to videos for inking one's Tarot/Oracle deck, I figured it wouldn't be too hard to wing it.  **Still, I highly recommend watching some videos and picking up some tips before you make a total mess like I did.**

The plan was simple:  take a card, run its edges along the ink pad, wipe away any major smears, and set it aside to dry on tissue or other dirty-is-okay surface.  What ended up happening was far more complicated.

The first part was easy.  Then my inner neurotic weaseled its way to the surface.  Once "done" with half of the cards, I picked up each one to inspect the front and back surfaces for "invisible smudges" - the ones that aren't immediately visible because of the dark colors of the cards.  If I found any spots of the lamination that didn't reflect light as a result of ink, I'd wipe-wipe-wipe until the whole card was shiny.  Then, I set the cards to another side to completely dry before I carefully restacked the pack.

Once I'd done that for half the deck, I repeated it the whole process for the other half.

ooooh.... we're halfway there... oooOH!  livin' on a prayer!

While it took way longer than I'd anticipated, the end result is pretty good.  Not-too-dark edges; nice clean surfaces; overall pretty deck!

now packed with 50% more shadowy goodness

I'd love to have another go at inking the edges of a deck, but I'll cross that bridge the next time I feel strongly that the deck will benefit from it.

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